Fragment #20120000bba

“For Heaven’s sake, mine child, don’t look away! Nay, open thine eyes and look about – these people are not dying, mine child, they areĀ ascending. Straight into Heaven, you see; for there is no death for those who believe.” -drinking Kool-Aid with friends.

Poem #20120508bbc

The days are slipping
I’m tripping, diluted
with a fog befitting
a swamplike beast
of burden

No ground lays there
– Look!
The cement is breaking
dividing, revealing in its cracks
a murky depth
a murky mist

That is not ground!
– you cry
Or was that me?


I agree.
I nod my head,

Poem #20120407bbd

My God – a waiting.
there’s a saving to be done.
screw it on, all the loose wrong turns
and twists
the weary Spirit takes.

Or makes, for itself,
if you wish,
to hold it to my chest.

My God – like the Holy XXX
the path of sin, and crucifixion
pressed dearly upon her breasts
pure chastity blessed.

Holy Saint, Weary Man,
I’m doing all I can
though not like you,
relieving the worst of tramps
of their burdensome lives

My Chest, My God
hangs heavy, as though the ribmeat
had grown rotten
to the Core.

My God, I’m waiting
for another tramp like me
to struggle and die
like a martyr thought free
and be forgotten
as all living souls are
to Thee.

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